Introduction to
Financial Management

Introduction to Financial Management provides consumers in Japan access to free, easy-to-understand tools to help manage their personal finances.


As the young enter the work force in Japan they are faced with the responsibility of making financial decisions and managing their personal financial wellbeing, so it is essential for them to understand and track their income and spending habits. It is also important for them to understand debt and use it wisely to help create a better, more fulfilling life.

Introduction to Financial Management is a Youth Educational Program designed especially for consumers entering the workforce. The website provides access to free, easy-to-understand tools to help manage their personal finances, including lessons onresponsible spending and debt management.

All resources, tips and tools on the website are available in downloadable PDF form, including:

  • Tips on Keeping a balance based on your income
  • Basics on loans
  • Basics on credit card usage
  • Basics on repayments
  • Debt warning signs
  • Tool to assess the "health" of your personal finances
  • Frequently asked questions
  • inancial Management Glossary



We are committed to financial education around the world — that's why we've created a range of financial education programs tailored to consumers in several global markets.

Budget Basics

Australia, New Zealand

The MasterCard Budget Basics website and its related brochures educate consumers and students on smart budgeting practices.

Safetina's Online Shopping Lesson


Safetina's Online Shopping Lesson is a consumer education website meant to teach Japanese consumers – a group that heavily participates in online shopping – how to be savvier and more secure when shopping online.

e-Learning Center

Malaysia, Singapore

The e-Learning Center website provides general consumers valuable financial information via online tools that include tip sheets, budget tracker worksheets and credit explanations.

Money 4 You


Together with the Indian Banks Association and India Cards Council, the Money 4 You web portal shares smart financial tips with young adults just entering the workforce.

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Success Story

Success Story

MasterCard Worldwide gave $1 million to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to support programs for students in across the U.S.

Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion

Parents can make back-to-school shopping less stressful — but planning ahead is critical.

Tools & Tips

To help consumers save well and spend wisely, MasterCard has created a site full of tools, resources, tips, links and more to help consumers keep their financial life pointed in the right direction.




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