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Work That Matters

Work That Matters—on the Job and in the Community.

Working at MasterCard is not routine, and it's certainly not predictable. There's an energy and focus that comes with being immersed in interesting projects at a company dedicated to improving both the world of commerce and the lives of its people and communities. Plus, there's the added excitement of learning from and collaborating with smart people from around the world—all at the speed needed to be market leaders.

Not Your Typical Day at the Office

Challenging projects. Interesting people. Open minds. At MasterCard, you won't find a lot of complacency. Instead, you'll find a multi-cultural work environment that values ideas, rewards initiative, and encourages involvement not only in the workplace but also in community and global causes.

Flexible Schedules

Flexible Schedules and
Work-Life Solutions
Making it easy to manage all your priorities

We expect the best from our employees. In return, we owe them the best possible work environment—one that helps them maintain that important balance between their work and personal lives. A few examples:

  • Flexible work hours. Results, not hours, count. Our workplace allows the kind of scheduling flexibility that helps balance work demands with personal responsibilities.
  • Adoption Assistance. Our Adoption Assistance Program provides financial assistance to help MasterCard with the legal adoption process.
  • Child Care Options. We've teamed up with Work-Life Partnerships and Children's World Learning Centers® and Bright Horizons Family Solutions® Net Work Access Program (NAP) to provide MasterCard U.S. employees with quality childcare options.
  • Scholarships for Children of MasterCard Employees. The MasterCard Scholarship Program fosters academic excellence and helps employees with the cost of their children's undergraduate college education. Each year, the program awards a one-time scholarship to 10 eligible children.

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Commitment to Community
Making it easy to give back

We support diverse community organizations through our philanthropy programs. Employees are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities. These programs assist the community and the organizations our employees care about. Our Matching Gift Program makes charitable donations equal to those made by our employees.

Volunteer Programs

Matching Gift and Volunteer
Incentive Programs
Making it easy to make a difference

To maximize the impact of employee charitable giving, MasterCard matches, dollar-for-dollar, individual donations made by eligible employees and retirees, up to US$5,000 per year, to the nonprofit groups or educational institutions of their choice.

Protecting Our Most Important Asset

One of the reasons MasterCard is an employer of choice around the world is our deep commitment to the well-being of all our employees. Our comprehensive benefits programs range from protecting against immediate economic loss to providing long-term peace-of-mind through retirement savings and healthcare plans to helping employees balance work and family commitments.

Benefit Programs

Benefit Programs
Helping our employees make a difference

Our Benefit Programs are designed to:

  • Protect employees from economic loss as a result of sickness, an accident, or a disability.
  • Provide retirement peace-of-mind through retirement savings and retiree healthcare plans.
  • Help employees successfully balance their work and family commitments.
Focus On Wellness

A Focus on Wellness

MasterCard has long known that healthy employees are productive employees. That's why we've partnered with a variety of health and wellness providers to offer you resources and programs that help you manage and improve your personal health and well-being.

Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond

Health and retirement benefits are just one part of MasterCard's approach to ensuring the satisfaction of our valued employees. We also believe in formally recognizing above-and-beyond performance and service. One example is our global H.E.A.R.T. (Highlighting Excellence and Recognizing Teamwork) program, which recognizes the kind of individual achievement and service that will help MasterCard continue to lead our industry—and offer a supportive, highly motivated work environment.

Other above-and-beyond benefits include:

  • Family care resources
  • Adoption assistance
  • Parental leave
  • Employee and Family Resource Program
  • Financial Wellness programs
  • Personal services and discounts

A Commitment to Professional Development

At MasterCard, you never stop learning. We provide the world-class tools, training, and resources you'll need to maximize your talents and achieve your full potential. You'll also have the opportunity to work with our dedicated leaders–successful managers and executives who inspire, mentor, and coach others toward successful careers here at MasterCard.

Opportunities To Explore

Opportunities to Explore,
Learn, and Improve
The workplace as learning lab

Empowered professionals take an active role in their own development, eager to learn from new challenges. We support this philosophy by providing a wide variety of opportunities to lead initiatives, work on cross-functional projects, or volunteer for rotational and international assignments. It's a framework for success that continues to make MasterCard an "employer of choice" around the world.

Ongoing Strategic Learning

Ongoing Strategic Learning
Specialized, in-depth growth opportunities

MasterCard offers a variety learning opportunities—from compelling workshops to engaging online programs to easy-access information on mobile devices. You'll also have opportunities to build your skills and enhance your capabilities through a variety of strategic learning programs focused on such areas as:

  • Management and leadership
  • Sales and product knowledge
  • Technical skills
  • Professional skills
  • Team effectiveness
Learning From Others

Learning From Others
The value of coaching and feedback

Ongoing feedback is essential to driving innovation and change. At MasterCard, our managers have received extensive training in both managerial and coaching skills. This helps ensure that all our employees receive the feedback they need to make the most of their talents, succeed in their work, and benefit from a culture that emphasizes trust, teamwork, and open dialogue.

Financial Assistance for Education

Financial Assistance for Education
More help for achieving your goals

MasterCard is proud to provide financial assistance to eligible employees who wish to further their education and professional development. It's just another example of our commitment to the personal and professional growth of all our employees.

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