MasterCard and Mercy Corps are using the power of technology to pilot a mobile-based voucher system to deliver aid more efficiently in times of emergency. This technological upgrade will allow Mercy Corps to reach people in need more quickly and more cost effectively than traditional paper vouchers and at the same time helps reduce corruption and theft through the transparency of electronic payments. Nepal was chosen for the initial pilot because it is at high risk for natural disasters and the level of poverty is widespread. With MasterCard's support, Mercy Corps will next deploy mobile vouchers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, reaching thousands of families uprooted by conflict. Tools and technology developed during these pilots will help Mercy Corps and other NGOs modernize and secure aid distribution.

Mercy Corps is a global organization that works to alleviate poverty on a global scale and help people build secure, productive communities by focusing on sustainable economic development, health services, and emergency, disaster response and natural disaster relief.