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MasterCard Commercial Card Program Streamlines Reporting
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12/17/2007 — Judge Group Inc., a staffing firm that includes IT and other technology staffing services, has reduced the amount of time spent on administration, thanks to the MasterCard Commercial Card Program's streamlined reporting system and customer service.

Without the right plan, administrating a companywide commercial credit card program can be daunting. And the burden only multiplies when the company has 450 employees and 20-plus branches strategically spread across the country like Judge Group Inc. in West Conshohocken, Penn. Being effective in this environment means dedicating time to monitoring use, reconciling expense reports and tracking trends, among other responsibilities. Two years ago, Judge Group sought MasterCard's help in streamlining and reducing the amount of time devoted to such administrative tasks.

The technology staffing firm’s management knew it needed a proven program to facilitate the successful rollout of commercial credit cards to the organization's key branch managers. Although Judge Group considered a number of criteria, MasterCard’s reporting program won them over. "Since we basically use it as a program where each branch manager has the card to cover client-based expenses, we had set criteria," says Robert Alessandrini, CFO. "With MasterCard, we get the reporting we need. And at the end of the month, we write a check."

Placing Value on Time
As the old adage goes, "Time is money," so it is understandable why frustration sets in when people spend too much time trying to resolve seemingly simple issues. There is no doubt the level of customer service a company receives plays a key role here. When the service is effective, people can appreciate the value they receive. However, when the opposite is true, it becomes hard to justify exerting the effort to keep the relationship going.

For instance, Judge Group recently experienced a customer service issue with one of its other business cards, which placed an unnecessary amount of stress on the accounting staff and hampered productivity. "The customer service at [the other company] is awful," Alessandrini says. "Even though on a macro level we have enough credit, on an individual level they say that the card user doesn't. Arguing over the issue wastes time when it should be a simple fix."

In this specific instance, the amount of wasted time has been so significant it has forced Judge Group to reconsider its relationship with the other card company. "No one can help us. No one understands, and service is what we need," he says. "When customer service is ineffective, it wastes time, and that wastes money."

Transaction Approved
Like many organizations, Judge Group doesn't think it should have to worry about whether its credit solution will work when it's needed. "We expect it to work, and MasterCard does that," Alessandrini says. "There have been some cards other than our MasterCard where we have issues, and the problems are primarily because of the way they apply credit and the methods they use to apply the payments."

Having credit available for universal use day-in and day-out is valuable, Alessandrini says. "When our branch managers go to another city and have to use the MasterCard product at a hotel or in a restaurant, we know they can have confidence in the card working," he says. "With MasterCard, it's accepted, and seeing that the credit is there when we need it provides the most value. We don't have to worry about whether the card works. Our branch managers have it in hand, and they like it."

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