Construction Card

Built for the people who build for a living.

MasterCard Construction Business Credit Card

Take Advantage of Savings Offers

Features and Benefits of the MasterCard BusinessCard for Construction:

  • $10,000 minimum credit line for project financing.
  • Extended interest-free grace period-of at least 2 billing cycles-gives you more breathing room between buying materials and paying for them. So you have greater control over your cash flow.
  • Valuable discounts on products and services to help you spend less and make more.
  • Separate project cards for each construction job make it easy to organize, track, and bill for expenses.
  • Spending summary reports-monthly, quarterly-and annual reports are available for each card or account. This helps you simplify accounting and better manage your profitability.
  • Protect yourself against unauthorized purchases and have peace of mind knowing you may not be responsible for unauthorized purchases.

Of course, there's widespread acceptance of MasterCard at virtually any construction supply outlet you might use. So, it's not only a card with many real-life benefits. It's a card you can use to your advantage-every day.

Zero Liability*
MasterCard® Zero Liability protection protects you against unauthorized purchases wherever they occur, whether online, by telephone, or in stores. Certain restrictions apply. Visit for complete terms and conditions.

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Zero Liability does not apply to MasterCard cards (i) Issued for commercial, business or agricultural purposes, except from MasterCard commercial cards used for small businesses as listed on; or (ii) If a PIN for a debit transaction is used for the unauthorized purchase.