In Our Communities

We are continuously working to better the communities in which we live and work.

At MasterCard, we believe that creating an environment that fosters financial inclusion through the power of entrepreneurship is woven into the fabric of our company. We’re always looking for ways to make an even greater impact in our communities.

As part of our commitment to promoting financial inclusion, we recognize entrepreneurship is important because it spurs innovation, employment and economic growth. Supporting entrepreneurship allows us to use our technology, our products and the knowledge and experience of our employees to help provide individuals with the ability to build stronger futures for themselves, their families and their communities.

Financial inclusion through the power of entrepreneurship can help address issues such as global youth unemployment, limited access to capital markets to create businesses and the struggle of small businesses to thrive and grow.


Investment in Financial Inclusion

Investment in Financial Inclusion Programs in entrepreneurship and financial literacy help individuals increase job skills, learn how to start and sustain businesses, and have the confidence to make responsible financial decisions for themselves and their families. Through these educational programs, MasterCard helps ensure that individuals have access to opportunities to achieve financial independence and realize their potential.

Employee Involvement

Employee Involvement MasterCard's intellectual capital provides leadership through active employee involvement supporting our community partnerships. We strategically plan volunteer opportunities and charitable activities for staff, which builds team camaraderie while benefiting the community.


Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief MasterCard supports disaster relief efforts through its partnership with the Red Cross, AmeriCares and other relief organizations.

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