Payment Processing

    MasterCard is more than the brand on a payment card. We play a very big role in what happens behind the scenes when a cardholder swipes or taps his or her card-otherwise known as  processing.

    As a Processor, MasterCard has wired the world for commerce through the MasterCard Worldwide Network-connecting financial institutions, merchants and cardholders with payment processing services that ensure their payment experience is...

    • Consistent, knowing payments will be accepted and guaranteed virtually anywhere in the world.
    • Reliable, knowing payments will be managed quickly, seamlessly and accurately.
    • Secure, knowing payment data is protected under the strictest compliance guidelines. Protecting information is a MasterKey priority at MasterCard.
    • Valuable, knowing unique value-added payment programs are available and tailored to spending needs.

    When MasterCard processes MasterCard-branded transactions between financial institutions through the MasterCard Worldwide Network, we authorize, clear and settle the transaction-making sure the transaction is valid, funds are available and accounts are credited and debited appropriately. But that's just the beginning…switching with MasterCard opens the door to our wealth of value-added payment processing services that help our financial institutions and merchants effectively leverage payment technology to manage their business.

    As an industry leader in Processing for more than 40 years, MasterCard has seen how integral our payment processing network is to our financial institutions' and merchants' ability to balance cost control and revenue growth in their business. That's why we continuously invest in the MasterCard Worldwide Network to be the only integrated, intelligent and innovative payment network in the industry. As a result…processing with MasterCard makes every transaction more valuable for our customers.

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